Set Descending Direction
  • Hairline Crack Sealer

    Hairline Crack Sealer

    STOP Cracks In Their Tracks
    Item No: H1685
  • Military Grade Flashlight

    Military Grade Flashlight

    3 Reviews
    22X Brighter than a regular flashlight
    Item No: L195
  • Air Blaster

    Air Blaster

    3 Reviews
    The Fastest & Easiest Way To Fix A Flat Tyre
    Item No: M251
  • Handheld Mini Stitcher

    Handheld Mini Stitcher

    Repair garments in a jiffy!
    Item No: Y081
  • Build It Yourself Bulldozer

    Build It Yourself Bulldozer

    Let your little one build, learn and play!
    Item No: Z371
  • Diamond Knife Sharpener

    Diamond Knife Sharpener

    6 Reviews
    Get a razor sharp edge on any blade!
    Item No: T309
  • Fly Screen Repair Tape

    Fly Screen Repair Tape

    Repair a tear in seconds with this innovative fly screen repair tape
    Item No: T345
  • Alligator Tape

    Alligator Tape

    11 Reviews
    You can rely on this rugged reinforced tape to repair almost anything!
    Item No: T377
  • Universal Socket

    Universal Socket

    3 Reviews
    Save time with this universal socket!
    Item No: T385
  • Hands Free Magnifying Glass

    Hands Free Magnifying Glass

    6 Reviews
    Images and objects are 3 times larger, so you'll end eye strain and squinting forever!
    Item No: U133
  • Fire Hose Nozzle

    Fire Hose Nozzle

    14 Reviews
    It's designed to never leak or break, so it'll last you a lifetime
    Item No: Q553
  • Long Handled Pruner

    Long Handled Pruner

    It truly makes any pruning or trimming job an absolute breeze.
    Item No: Q602