Pliable Tape

Pliable Tape

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Create an instant seal proof barrier

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Product Description
Made with a specially formulated rubberized backing, this tape cleverly conforms to just about any shape or object as it seals and repairs virtually anything. It’s so durable, it even works under water... And can be applied to hot or cold surfaces too! Extra W-I-D-E it easily covers large cracks, gaps and holes as it seals out air, water or moisture. Great for gutters, pipes, inflatables, tools, car and more.
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Water bed
By Gordon on 2/10/2018
I have a water bed and woke a week ago with wet pyjamas and a cold behind.The bed had sprung a leak. Luckily I had not long since had bought the pliable tape. Bingo!! The tape fixed the leak.
First class pliable Tape.
By Neil Henderson on 21/09/2018
Really worthwhile tape that can be used for many types of repair and holding together in parcels etc. Waterproof and it sticks on all surfaces. Excellent and handy.
Pliable tape.
By Kris Gibson. on 25/07/2018
I got the pliable tape but found it is not as good as I thought or advertised. I found it tends to become unstuck on a number of surfaces that it says it will stick to. Even underwater.