Microwave Oven Chip Cooker

Microwave Oven Chip Cooker

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Unlike regular microwave plates, it’ll sear, brown and fry too!

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Product Description

Now you can enjoy oven crispy food at microwave speed with this innovative pan! The secret is the nonstick Carbon Steel that heats to a high temperature quickly giving you golden crispy chips, sizzling bacon, fried eggs and even searing steak to mouth-watering perfection. Plate measures 24cm diameter.

Fries eggs
Sears steak
Crisps chips Sizzles bacon too!

Enjoy mouth-watering crispy food at microwave speed!

Not suitable for flatbed microwaves.

Product Detail
MaterialCarbon Steel
Microwave SafeYes
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Try it !
By happy customer on 30/04/2018
It may work in some microwaves, but didn't in mine. Thank goodness for Magnamail's return policy !! You've got nothing to lose by trying it in yours.
By Diane Velle on 12/04/2018
We have found it doesn't really crisp food even after heating plate as per instructions. Disappointed after reading the positive comments on your site.
Beware of this product.
By John Barnett on 10/04/2018
Damaged my microwave! It is NOT a flatbed, but there was arcing in the oven nonetheless...
Chip brilliance.
By Barrie Moar on 21/12/2017
Single person's dream cooking utensil especially bacon and beer battered chips.
By Marilyn on 9/09/2017
Microwave crisper.
By J.Smith. on 14/08/2017
This is great for heating things that you don't want left soggy and half heated. Times on the chart are accurate too. Easy to use and easy to clean.
Microwave Oven chip cooker
By Pamela Hayter on 29/07/2017
Really like this