Mattress Stain Remover

Mattress Stain Remover

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Remove unsightly mattress stains!

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Product Description
Professional strength Mattress Stain Remover tackles stubborn spots and stains, effortlessly! Simply spray and walk away and it’ll remove blood, urine, sweat and even old set-in stains, as it eliminates unpleasant odours too. Ideal for those with incontinence or sick kids. So save $$$ on a new mattress.

It will leave your mattress smelling fresh and looking new!
Product Detail
Dimensions300ml Spray bottle.
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The best Product for dealing with stains
By Eunice Brown on 10/05/2018
I am so happy that I ordered this Mattress Stain Remover as it was so easy and quick to remove all kinds of stains
Very good
By Faye on 30/12/2017
Very pleased, works well
Fair to muddling
By LIsa on 29/12/2017
It does not get old stains out at all. I would say fresh stains only.
Mattress stain remover
By Mrs jenniffer walker on 20/12/2017
I'm very pleased with this product would tell people about the product thank you magna mail All staff have a relaxed Xmas with family and friends merry xmas
By Judith Salthouse on 1/10/2017
Amazing product. I also used it on padded dining chairs. It works well.
Very happy with product.
By Sue. on 26/09/2017
The cat had walked over the mattress I had stored and left dirty paw prints on it. The stain remover has taken all marks off it. Very pleased.
Work perfectly clean
By Sione Talanoa on 22/08/2017
This is work perfectly I cleaned some stain on white mattress it's awesome thanks