Bamboo Back Scrubber

Bamboo Back Scrubber

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Easily Clean Hard To Reach Areas Of Your Body

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Product Description
Bamboo Back Scrubber gives you an extra 74cm of reach, so you’ll never have to twist or strain to clean hard-toreach areas, again. Dual sided, the loofah-like surface removes dead skin cells while the smooth bamboo fiber cloth cleans and refreshes your skin, as the back and fourth motion helps enhance circulation.
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Wise buy
By Shirley mendoza on 6/10/2018
Easy to use
Bamboo Back Scrubber
By Steve Watson on 26/09/2018
A great product that I have found is easy to use and I like the texture and feel of the surface as cleans.
Bamboo Scrubber.
By GlendaHolt. on 21/09/2018
I have had limited movement in my shoulder for some time now
and been unable to reach my back. The Bamboo Back Scrubber,
has made showering so much better.
By Eleni Tapueluelu on 10/08/2018
Bamboo Back Scrubber is wonderful to use and I am grateful for it.
back scrubber
By ngaire potter on 9/08/2018
Ideal as have trouble washing my back as I have no backward movement in right arm.
bamboo back scrubber
By Christine Carr on 9/08/2018
Good product easy to use and easy to keep clean.
Bamboo Scrubber, fantastic
By Beryl Wallace on 8/08/2018
Great scrubber, makes you feel terrific.