Set Descending Direction
  • In Ground Solar Lights Set 4

    In Ground Solar Lights Set 4

    Increase Visibility & Safety Along Walkways & Paths
    Item No: L199
  • 2 in 1 Rake

    2 in 1 Rake

    Gather & Remove Leaves Without Bending OR Stooping
    Item No: QQ178
  • Gutter Flusher

    Gutter Flusher

    Safely clear gutters from the ground
    Item No: QQ177
  • Lawn Green

    Lawn Green

    Conceal Brown Patches ON YOUR LAWN
    Item No: QQ156
  • Long Handled Pruner

    Long Handled Pruner

    It truly makes any pruning or trimming job an absolute breeze.
    Item No: Q602
  • UV Arm Protector

    UV Arm Protector

    7 Reviews
    Shield your arms from sun damage!
    Item No: QG86
  • Hedge Shears

    Hedge Shears

    9 Reviews
    These lightweight shears make easy work of trimming shrubs, hedges and bushes
    Item No: QQ129
  • Sprinkler Key Hider

    Sprinkler Key Hider

    Keep keys safe and out of sight!
    Item No: QQ154
  • Set of 6 Watering Spikes

    Set of 6 Watering Spikes

    11 Reviews
    Keep thirsty plants hydrated
    Item No: QQ124
  • Weed Puller

    Weed Puller

    15 Reviews
    Remove weeds without bending!
    Item No: QQ122
  • Screen Cleaner Brush

    Screen Cleaner Brush

    3 Reviews
    Clean screens without water and without mess!
    Item No: H934
  • Garden Seat Kneeler With Organiser

    Garden Seat Kneeler With Organiser

    13 Reviews
    Save your back and knees when gardening!
    Item No: QQ144