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  • Mesh Fruit Bowl

    Mesh Fruit Bowl

    Shield fruit from annoying fruit flies!
    Item No: K1750
  • Set 24 Reusable Food Covers

    Set 24 Reusable Food Covers

    25 Reviews
    Stop struggling with cling wrap!
    Item No: K1665
  • Lettuce Storage Bag

    Lettuce Storage Bag

    23 Reviews
    Extend the life of your lettuce!
    Item No: K1680
  • Easy Reading Measuring Cup

    Easy Reading Measuring Cup

    11 Reviews
    A perfect measure every time!
    Item No: K1773
  • Sink Organiser

    Sink Organiser

    17 Reviews
    Keep your sink tidy!
    Item No: K1663
  • Storage Baskets Set 2

    Storage Baskets Set 2

    18 Reviews
    Organise and easily access items!
    Item No: K1645
  • Stackable Organiser

    Stackable Organiser

    6 Reviews
    Say goodbye to cluttered cupboards!
    Item No: W363
  • Condiment Holders

    Condiment Holders

    11 Reviews
    Acess condiments easily without spillages!
    Item No: K833
  • Microwave Food Covers

    Microwave Food Covers

    It's never been easier to keep your microwave clean! Set features 5 usefulsizes ready to cover various containers, dishes, bowls and plates. So now you can re heat food while retaining moisture and its full flavour too. Set includes 11.5cm D, 14.5cm D, 17cm D, 20cm D, 22cm D. Dishwasher safe.
    Item No: K1133
  • Microwave Soup Mug

    Microwave Soup Mug

    The convenient way to heat soup!
    Item No: K1770
  • 3 in 1 Egg Slicer

    3 in 1 Egg Slicer

    Easily and neatly slice eggs
    Item No: K1741
  • Bubble Glass Bowl

    Bubble Glass Bowl

    28 Reviews
    Cook, serve and store in style!
    Item No: K1610

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