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  • Telescopic Handle Bathroom Cleaner

    Telescopic Handle Bathroom Cleaner

    9 Reviews
    Now you can clean those hard to reach places without stooping!
    Item No: H768
  • Magic Clean Eraser

    Magic Clean Eraser

    4 Reviews
    This amazing sponge works like an eraser to remove stubborn stains
    Item No: HC45
  • Spinning Mop

    Spinning Mop

    5 Reviews
    Spin dirt and water away no mess or wet hands!
    Item No: HC68
  • Depiller


    9 Reviews
    This makes clothes look like new!
    Item No: H1072
  • Track Cleaning Brush

    Track Cleaning Brush

    24 Reviews
    It will sweep away dirt, grease and grime!
    Item No: H1393
  • Toilet Deodoriser

    Toilet Deodoriser

    6 Reviews
    It's the no scrub, no fuss toilet cleaner.
    Item No: HB16

    Regular Price: $12.90

    Now $10.90

    16% OFF

  • Electrostatic Sweeper

    Electrostatic Sweeper

    6 Reviews
    Electrostatic Broom attracts dust and pet hair!
    Item No: H1672
  • Screen Cleaner Brush

    Screen Cleaner Brush

    5 Reviews
    Clean screens without water and without mess!
    Item No: H934
  • Mattress Deodoriser/Sanitiser & Dust Mite Inhibitor

    Mattress Deodoriser/Sanitiser & Dust Mite Inhibitor

    Get Your Mattress Fresh & Clean
    Item No: HC64
  • Wood Look Door Mat

    Wood Look Door Mat

    3 Reviews
    STOP Dirt at Your Door... Stylishly
    Item No: H1695
  • Carpet Wizard

    Carpet Wizard

    5 Reviews
    Item No: HC71
  • Shoe Shine Sponge

    Shoe Shine Sponge

    This is the best shoe shine to make your shoes like new again!
    Item No: H1525