Set Descending Direction
  • Shower Rug

    Shower Rug

    56 Reviews
    This revolutionary mat that resist stains, mould or mildew!
    Item No: HB34
  • Daily Shower Cleaner

    Daily Shower Cleaner

    3 Reviews
    NEVER SCRUB Your Shower Again
    Item No: HB71
  • Dolphin Bath Mat

    Dolphin Bath Mat

    6 Reviews
    Give your bathroom a fresh new look!
    Item No: HB76

    Regular Price: $32.90

    Now $29.90

    9% OFF

  • Deluxe Spinning Scrubber

    Deluxe Spinning Scrubber

    Power through dirty and grime! No scrubbing or chemicals needed!
    Item No: HC92

    Regular Price: $74.99

    Now $64.99

    13% OFF

  • Skirting Mate

    Skirting Mate

    Keep Skirting Boards Clean & Dust Free
    Item No: HC93
  • Spin Sweeper

    Spin Sweeper

    Triple Action Lightweight Sweeper!
    Item No: HC94
  • Spot Ironing Board Cover

    Spot Ironing Board Cover

    7 Reviews
    Forget Unsightly “Grid Marks” While Ironing
    Item No: HL07
  • Leather Lumbar Support Seat Cushion

    Leather Lumbar Support Seat Cushion

    30 Reviews
    Helps soothe your aching back!
    Item No: M152
  • Stackable Organiser

    Stackable Organiser

    6 Reviews
    Say goodbye to cluttered cupboards!
    Item No: W363
  • Track Cleaning Brush

    Track Cleaning Brush

    24 Reviews
    It will sweep away dirt, grease and grime!
    Item No: H1393
  • Oven Cleaner Wipes

    Oven Cleaner Wipes

    18 Reviews
    Make that awful chore of cleaning your oven a piece of cake!
    Item No: K1212

    Regular Price: $18.90

    Now $14.90

    21% OFF

  • Set 3 Laundry Bags

    Set 3 Laundry Bags

    Protect Clothes In The Wash
    Item No: HC83