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  • Jar Opener - Manual

    Jar Opener - Manual

    Now it's simple to remove even the most stubborn of lids from any jar or bottle
    Item No: K536
  • Mobility Walker Gilders

    Mobility Walker Gilders

    Convert your regular walker into an indoor or outdoor glider instantly
    Item No: J731
  • Adjustable Table

    Adjustable Table

    3 Reviews
    Perfect for breakfast in bed, TV dinners, reading a book, craftwork, games and more. Features adjustable height and angle to suit every activity. Now you can complete tasks without back aches, pains for strain. Plus the raised rim helps to avoid accidental spills too. Folds flat for easy storage. Tabletop measures 51cm W x 38 cm L. Adjust from 58cm - 88cm H.
    Item No: H1026
  • Comfort Wipe

    Comfort Wipe

    The self wipe bathroom aid is a handy helper for those with poor mobility or dexterity.
    Item No: J801
  • Portable Unisex Urinal

    Portable Unisex Urinal

    The no-spill design allows instant relief when there isn't a toilet nearby
    Item No: J780
  • Bamboo/Copper-Infused Knee Support - Ladies Set/2

    Bamboo/Copper-Infused Knee Support - Ladies Set/2

    Item No: J1107
  • Bamboo & Copper Infused Gloves - Mens

    Bamboo & Copper Infused Gloves - Mens

    Item No: J1193
  • Arm Warmers

    Arm Warmers

    HELP RELIEVE Cold, Painful Joints
    Item No: DC777
  • Foldable Floral Cane

    Foldable Floral Cane

    Put a confident spring in your step with the help of this cheery floral design cane!
    Item No: J1166
  • Foldable Self Standing Cane

    Foldable Self Standing Cane

    3 Reviews
    Never bend over to pick up your walking cane again.
    Item No: J1100
  • Stable Cane

    Stable Cane

    This clever 4 prong walking stick stays upright so you’ll never drop it!
    Item No: J1089
  • Mobility Aid Cushion

    Mobility Aid Cushion

    Do you have difficulty rising from chairs or sitting for long periods? Then our EasyRise Tapestry Cushion is for you. Its lightweight pad acts as a shock absorber,easing the jolt when you sit. A classic floral design graces the fully washable cover that will enhance any décor. The cushion back is slip resistant. It's great for wheelchairs too. 10cm thick pad. Measures 41.5cm H x 38cm W x 10cm D.
    Item No: H1183