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  • Hands Free Magnifying Glass

    Hands Free Magnifying Glass

    6 Reviews
    Images and objects are 3 times larger, so you'll end eye strain and squinting forever!
    Item No: U133
  • Magnamail - Easy Read Calendar Clock

    Easy Read Calendar Clock

    22 Reviews
    You’ll never squint to tell the time again!
    Item No: VC14
  • All In One Purse

    All In One Purse

    28 Reviews
    One purse to fit all essentials!
    Item No: B384
  • Credit Card Protectors Set of 4

    Credit Card Protectors Set of 4

    12 Reviews
    Protect yourself from identity theft!
    Item No: B383
  • Mens Cotton Hankies

    Mens Cotton Hankies

    23 Reviews
    Indulge in the finest quality cotton that is soft, smooth and absorbent
    Item No: D493
  • Portable Air Cooler

    Portable Air Cooler

    7 Reviews
    Perfect on the kitchen bench, at your desk, in the TV room and a ‘must' in the office
    Item No: H731
  • Multi Pocket Leather wallet

    Multi Pocket Leather wallet

    This genuine leather tri-fold wallet makes order out of chaos
    Item No: B305
  • Telephone Index

    Telephone Index

    6 Reviews
    Just keep this handy telephone index right next to your home phone and it’s ready at all times.
    Item No: S244
  • Security Card Wallet

    Security Card Wallet

    16 Reviews
    Don’t become a victim to identity theft!
    Item No: B376
  • Identity Protection Stamp

    Identity Protection Stamp

    10 Reviews
    This rolling stamp makes identity protection simple and easy
    Item No: S222
  • Men’s Comfort Belt - Colours Brown & Black

    Men’s Comfort Belt - Colours Brown & Black

    The ONLY belt that fits perfectly EVERY TIME!
    Item No: D993
  • Harmonica


    8 Reviews
    Old-time harmonica is back!
    Item No: N660

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