New Arrivals
  • Cat Grooming Arch

    Cat Grooming Arch

    Put a stop to shedding fur and prevent unsightly scratching all over your furniture!
    only $24.90
  • Wrap Around Back Support

    Wrap Around Back Support

    Fully Adjustable, this back support offers the best possible fit.
    only $19.90
  • Set of 6 Hem Clips

    Set of 6 Hem Clips

    Hem easily and accurately without pins using these hem clips
    only $5.90
  • Moisturising Toe Separator

    Moisturising Toe Separator

    Help ease your bunion pain with this moisturizing separator.
    only $8.90
  • Snore Relief

    Snore Relief

    Say goodbye to sleepless nights and breathe easy with this snore relief mouth guard!
    only $9.90
  • Fleece Lined Tights

    Fleece Lined Tights

    Keep your legs warm and cosy even on the coldest winter days with these Fleece Tights
    only $22.90

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